Cooking Gluten Free

What a great weekend! Our son and daughter and their significant others were home to visit with us, and their grandfather. All week I looked forward to the visit but, I also had some anxiety as well.

Our daughter has Celiac Disease and I needed to plan a wheat free weekend. What will I cook? Well, how about a turkey as there will be lots of us to eat it. Good plan, BUT what do we stuff it with?-not bread, that’s for sure! This is but one instance of how the meal planning went. Remember to thicken the gravy with cornstarch. We had a gluten free mix for pancakes BUT is the bacon safe? Well, I bought some gluten free sausage so that will be fine.

Also, my home is not wheat free so there is always the problem of cross contamination from the wheat products we use in our home. You have to think about what utensil you might be dipping in wheat flour and then in the gluten free food. Some spices and seasonings are not gluten free, as well.

As you can see cooking gluten free takes a lot of thought. Thankfully the weekend went well, we all ate too much, but our daughter had no ill affects.

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