Health Canada – proposed revision of gluten free labelling regulations

Health Canada is seeking input from the Canadian public on the proposed principles that will guide the revision of the gluten-free labelling regulations.  The consultation will open for comments from May 13 until July 11.

Until recently, oats were thought to cause adverse effects in individuals with celiac disease. However, Health Canada’s recent review of the safety of consuming pure oats indicates that the majority of people with celiac disease can tolerate moderate amounts of oats that are pure and uncontaminated with other cereals. Current scientific knowledge also suggests that pure oats can be beneficial to those individuals with celiac disease who tolerate it, and its palatability and nutritional benefits may increase compliance with a gluten-free diet.   For these reasons, Health Canada recognizes the importance in revising the gluten-free labelling requirements in order to provide better information to consumers with celiac disease.

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