Newly Diagnosed with Celiac disease?

If you have just been diagnosed with celiac disease you will have a challenge ahead of you deciding what foods you can eat safely.

Hidden sources of gluten will make you ill.  Unfortunately, food manufacturers are not required by law to identify all possible sources of gluten on their product labels, so reading the label may not be enough.  Gluten may be present in any processed foods like canned or packaged foods, sauces, candies, cold meats, beer, and various other products. has a list of safe foods and unsafe foods.  If you’re newly diagnosed you may want to take a look at these links.   Safe food list – – –  Unsafe Food List

The safest way is to eat a diet of fresh, whole foods (fruits, vegetables & meat).  Leave the prepared food alone, if you do eat them read the labels and remember what you have eaten when you have a bad reaction to food.  If you are going to a restaurant to eat, have a look at the suggestions on the first page of this site, you may save yourself some grief.

Good luck with your new food challenge.  The best way to help yourself through this is to learn how to and what you can safely eat.

Gluten Free Restaurant LocatorIf you are planning on dining out see the click on the restaurant locator to find  gluten free restaurant meals.

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