100% Gluten Free Restaurant – Rose’s Wheat Free Bakery and Cafe

Rose’s Wheat Free Bakery and Café is a 100% gluten free bakery and a 100% gluten free restaurant.  The Celiac Restaurant Guide encourages you to support Rose’s Wheat Free Bakery and Cafe and all gluten free restaurants and gluten free bakeries when you find them.

Rose’s Wheat Free Bakery and Café – Evanston Gluten Free Bakery 

* CLOSED*  March 2015


Rose’s café menu has a selection of sandwiches, soups, salads and pizza (all gluten free)  They even have a Kid’s menu.

Rose’s Wheat Free Café is the only completely gluten free bakery and restaurant in the Chicago area. They offer great tasting wheat free and gluten free foods; including fresh baked gluten free breads, cookies, cakes, cupcakes muffins and pastries; wheat free pizza, soups, sandwiches and other gluten free food to the café customers.In addition to café dining they offer fresh pre-packaged to-go items for when you’re on the run and need a healthy meal.

Rose’s Wheat Free  Bakery and Cafe, 2901 Central Street, Evanston, IL

Paste the address into the Gluten Free Restaurant Locator - http://gf-restaurants.com/ to find this or other restaurants in the Evanston area.  Evanston has a great selection of  restaurants that serve gluten free food.

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