The Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe

The Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe is a gluten free bakery and a gluten free cafe. There are very few gluten free bakeries or gluten free restaurants in North America, the Celiac Restaurant Guide encourages you to support The Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe and all gluten free restaurants and gluten free bakeries.

The Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe – gluten free cafe & bakery

The Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe prides itself on being a 100% gluten free establishment. Serving those who are diagnosed with gluten intolerance, we offer a menu filled with a wide variety of tasty dishes including gluten free cakes, gluten free cookies, gluten free bread, gluten free rolls, gluten free pizza, gluten free sandwiches, gluten free pies, and other gluten free recipes, that are sure to please.Customer comment: “ Rita, the Aussie founder and baker, sat me down with a few slices of her famous gluten free bread, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. It is without a doubt some of the finest bread that I’ve ever had. During our conversation I came to realize that she not only has a true passion for preparing gluten free baked goods, but a deep understanding of the food science behind milling and using grains for baking. That may be what sets her products apart from many others. I also had an outstanding pizza from The Little Aussie Bakery, and it was even dairy free!
If you are ever in San Antonio then you should stop in and visit The Little Aussie Bakery. But even if you can’t get there, give some serious consideration to having her ship you some of her products so that you can try them for yourself.”The Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe 3610 Avenue B, San Antonio, TX 78209-6508 Phone: (210) 826-7877Visit the Little Aussie Bakery & Cafe website –

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