Flying Apron Gluten Free Vegan Bakery and Cafe

The Flying Apron Gluten Free Bakery and Gluten Free Cafe is located in Seattle. The Celiac Restaurant Guide hopes you will support The Flying Apron, there are not many gluten free restaurants and gluten free bakeries in North America, they need your support.

Flying Apron Gluten Free Vegan Bakery and Cafe

The Flying Apron bakery is Seattle’s best, and only, organic, gluten-free, and vegan bakery. Flying Apron products are created with your good health in mind. They are made using the finest organic ingredients; whole grain wheat free flours and organic non hydrogenated oils. Committed to creating food that is not only good for you, but that tastes great too.They are located in a warm and bright retail location in the heart of the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. They have indoor seating with large tables that encourage our guests to relax and enjoy, and outdoor seating to take advantage of Seattle’s mild, and sometimes even sunny, climate.They offer a delicious savory lunch menu available throughout the day,consisting of soups, vegetable and green salads, bean spreads, pizzas, flat breads, and more. Like everything at the Flying Apron, our lunch menu is completely gluten-free and vegan.

The Flying Apron offers food for those with dietary restrictions due to medical, health, ethical, religious, or moral easons, including:
· Gluten restrictions (Gout, Autism, Celiac disease, etc.)
· Wheat restrictions
· Veganism/Vegetarianism
· Sugar restrictions (Diabetes, etc.)
· Dairy restrictions (Lactose intolerance, etc.)
· Egg allergies
Many of their products are alternatively sweetened as well.

The Flying Apron is a 100% wheat free, 100% gluten free and vegan bakery.

The Flying Apron, 3510 Fremont Ave North, Seattle WA 98103 Phone. (206) 442-1115

Visit the Flying Apron website –

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