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ClosedThe Celiac Restaurant Guide recommends and supports 100% gluten free restaurants.  A 100% gluten free restaurant means the restaurant is dedicated to preparing only gluten free food.  No products that contain  gluten are used in the restaurant. There should be little risk of cross contaimination in these restaurants.  G. F. Cucina’s is a 100% gluten free restaurant.  There are not many gluten free restaurants in North America.  The Celiac Restaurant Guide encourages you to support gluten free restaurants if you are lucky enough to have one in your area.  If these restaurants are frequented by Celiacs more gluten free restaurants will open up, and the ones that are open now will continue to profit and operate in your community.

G. F. Cucina’s –  a 100% Gluten Free Restaurant

In March of 2006 John and Mary, long time friends, were in Florida for a mutual friend’s wedding.  The day after the wedding all the guests were invited to the bride and groom’s house for a barbecue.  John, who has a passion for cooking, manned the grille all day. A year later, Mary, who has celiac disease, remembering John’s “love of food” approached him about joining forces to open a 100% gluten free restaurant.  The work of adapting old family recipes to be gluten free started and on May 13, 2008 G. F. Cucina’s Italian Bistro opened its doors for business.

At G. F. Cucina’s you will enjoy 100% gluten free dining.   Choose from lasagna, eggplant parmesan, stuffed peppers, to  pizza, calzones, chicken wings, fresh baked  goods and more! A children’s menu is also available. Only the freshest of ingredients and all the dishes are made entirely from scratch.
In addition to dining in, G.F. Cucina’s offers take-out, special order baked goods and party/event trays and shipping of frozen products.

G. F. Cucina’s aims to be a cornerstone in the community creating a neighborhood atmosphere where customers feel comfortable and become instant regulars.   They cater to the Celiac population and health conscious consumers for delicious, comfort food made entirely from scratch.  Delicious food minus the gluten, not the flavor.

G.F. Cucina’s has completed the requirements to qualify for the Celiac Sprue Association’s Recognition Seal Program. The use of the CSA five crossed grain Seal on menu items means that G.F. Cucina’s has agreed to adhere to CSA’s standards.

G. F. Cucina’s  37867 Mound Road, Sterling Heights, Michigan     Telephone:     586-276-1200

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