Natural Food Works – Farmer’s Kitchen Cafe

Natural Food Works / Farmer’s Kitchen Cafe

Gluten Free and Casein Free Baked Goods and Pastas

They are a dedicated gluten free bakery and pasteria, offering products to the general public and restaurants. They have run a gluten free restaurant for years.

Natural Food Works – Farmer’s Kitchen Cafe offers delicious, homemade gluten free, bio-regional foods.

Offerings include: Gluten free breads, bagels, pies, cheesecake, English muffins, hamburger and sandwich rolls, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chocolate dipped cookies and cookies and cakes made fresh daily to order. They also offer fresh homemade gourmet dried pastas, and frozen ravioli, organic soups, gourmet tamales, ready to heat entrees, quiche, pizza, handmade tortillas and ravioli in marinara sauce.

The food is made with locally grown and organic fruits and vegetables, free range meats and sustainable fish. No factory food contaminant, no aluminum pans, no hydrogenated or trans fats and no unnatural additives.

Rose Anne DeCristoforo from Natural Food Works/Farmers Kitchen Cafe said in an email to us,

“We are 100% gluten free. I tell people that, if someone walked in with a gun and said, “give me gluten,” he would have to shoot us…it’s just not here in any form.”

Natural Food Works / Farmer’s Kitchen Cafe, 624 4th Street, Davis, CA, Phone: (530) 756 1862

Visit Natural food works website –

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