Gluten Free Restaurant – Panne Rizo

Panne Rizo is a 100% gluten free restaurant, there are not many 100% gluten free restaurants in North America.  The Celiac Restaurant Guide would like to encourage you to support gluten free restaurants likePanne Rizo when you find them.

Panne RizoPanne Rizo – Gluten Free Café

Delicious by any standards, our baked goods are lovingly made by hand in a gluten free environment…
We’ve been around since 1998 and have developed every one of our recipes from scratch. Our commitment to being 100% gluten free is guaranteed – we have a gluten free facility!
We take pride in sharing our delicacies and seeing satisfied customers’ smiles…

Panne Rizo bakery, deli,  café
1939 Cornwall Ave  Vancouver, BC
Phone 604 736 0885
Visit Panne Rizo’s website

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