Gluten Free Bakery Sweet Christines

Sweet Christines Gluten Free Bakery is a 100% gluten free bakery, there are not many gluten free bakeries.  The Celiac Restaurant Guide recommends and encourages you to support Sweet Christines and all gluten free restaurants and gluten free bakeries that are near you.

Sweet Christines Gluten Free Bakery

For years Christine had been experiencing abdominal pain and spasms.    After testing the doctors said she must have IBS (Irritated Bowel Syndrome). They also said that she was stressed and should relax more.   Christine had three children under the age of seven, she was stressed?   Her symptoms became worse, she started experiencing parenthesis (tingling in the hands, feet and actually at different times, all over).  In 2005 Christine was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Once diagnosed she quickly realized that most gluten free foods were tasteless and that she had to start finding her own recipes so the experimenting began.  Then in 2007 she started baking in a dedicated gluten free kitchen in her home and experimented with other recipes.  She began selling her gluten free products to local health food stores.
In 2008 Sweet Christine’s Bakery opened. Everything is gluten free, organic and has no artificial flavorings or preservatives.

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Sweet Christines Gluten Free Bakery, 132 West State Street, Kennett Square, PA  Phone:  610-444-5542

Paste Sweet Christines address into the Gluten Free Dining Guide to find this or other restaurants in the Kennett Square area.  Kennett Square area has a good selection of  restaurants that serve gluten free food.

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