100% Gluten Free Bakery – – Mariposa’s Bakeshop & Cafe

Mariposa Baking Co. is a gluten free bakery and there are not many gluten free bakeries in North America.  Please support Mariposa Baking if they are near you.

Mariposa’s Bakeshop & Cafe –  a 100% Gluten Free Bakery & Cafe

Mariposa Baking Co., a gluten-free bakery, creates gluten-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free baked goods.  They make freshly baked breads, cookies, muffins, every day of the week!  You can also find other items like pizza and ravioli in the freezer and sandwiches to go.

Visit Mariposa’s at:

  • 5427 Telegraph Ave, Unit D3, Oakland, CA or
  • San Francisco Ferry Building Kiosk!  One Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA , Ph: 510.595.0955

Visit Mariposa Baking Co. Web Site - http://www.mariposabaking.com/

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