100% Gluten-free Restaurant – Caprese Risorante Italiano

 Caprese Risorante Italiano is a totally gluten-free restaurant.  There are not many totally gluten-free restaurants so please support Caprese Risorante Italiano and all gluten-free restaurants.

Caprese Risorante Italiano -  a Totally Gluten-free Restaurant

Ottawa’s only 100% gluten-free restaurant
Caprese is pleased to be serving delicious gluten-free, Italian cuisine.
Even without any advertising, there is a buzz around the restaurant!

Caprese Risorante Italiano
696 Bronson Ave, Ottawa, Ontario K1S,  Ph: 613-231-3885

Web Site *****   Gluten Free Menu

Click to Find Gluten Free Restaurant Meals then enter the address to find Caprese Risorante Italiano or other restaurants in the Ottawa area.   Ottawa has a great selection of  restaurants that serve gluten free food.

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