When the doctor says the words “You have celiac disease”

Restaurants that Serve Gluten Free Food

When the doctor says the words “You have celiac disease”, and you learn that you can never again eat many of the foods you now enjoy, it can be a little unsettling. If you have celiac disease it means, no more bread or buns, no more pizza or pasta, no more cake or donuts.  There are substitutes for these products, but they don’t taste the same.  Wheat and gluten are found in many foods.  It is used as a filler in things like spices, sauces and many prepared foods.

Eating gluten free at home comes with many challenges.  As if it isn’t difficult enough to have to deal with the problem at home, the much larger problem of eating away from home, is somewhat daunting. Where do you go and how do you know if you will get a meal that is gluten free?  For people with celiac disease, finding a restaurant that has a good variety of gluten free choices, can be a frustrating experience.  Many restaurants don’t provide gluten free meals because it requires extra attention and cost. There must be a separate food preparation area or, the area must be thoroughly cleaned before gluten free food can be prepared. Even cooking in the same pan or if a crumb of bread is in the butter, it can make many Celiacs ill.

The Celiac Restaurant Guide will find gluten free restaurant meals, anywhere in North America.  The guide makes finding restaurants quick and easy. When you enter an address or city, a map is displayed showing the restaurants in the area that can serve gluten free food.

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