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Finding restaurants that serve gluten free food is a constant challenge, especially if you are away from home.

The Celiac Restaurant Guide will find gluten free restaurant meals for you.  The Guide features a Gluten Free Dining Guide locator map that allows you to simply put in the address you are at, or the city you are in.  It will then display the restaurants near you that serve gluten free food.   The guide has listings for restaurants all over North America and many other locations worldwide.  In larger centers there is often hundreds of restaurants that serve gluten free meals. Use the button below to find gluten free restaurant meals.

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  • The Celiac Restaurant Guide also has a great listing of Chain restaurants that have a gluten free menu on their websites. The listing includes the name of the restaurant and a link to their online gluten free menu.  There is often a short excerpt from the restaurant’s web site about the type of food they serve.  If you are familiar with the restaurants in your area you can check to see which ones have a gluten free menu online.  The great thing about this is that you can see what gluten free food choices the restaurant has to offer, before you travel to the restaurant.  You may save yourself a trip for nothing, or you may find new Celiac friendly restaurants that you will be able to eat at.
  • There is also a city guide that has restaurants that show their gluten free menus on their websites.  Wouldn’t it be great to know what a restaurant had to offer for gluten free meals, before you left home?   Some restaurants have a great selection of gluten free meals to choose from, isn’t that also great to know?  Other restaurants may offer food that isn’t appealing to you, or they may not have a great selection of gluten free food.  Again this is great to know before you make the effort to go there.

The guide has information about gluten free travel, information about places you can purchase gluten free food, and much more information that will make life easier for Celiacs.

The site is free, check it out!   The Celiac Restaurant Guide

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