Dedicated Gluten Free/Wheat Free Bakery – Rumi’s Passion

Rumi’s Passion – a Dedicated Gluten Free/Wheat Free

Rumi’s Passion is a dedicated gluten free bakery, no products containing gluten are in the bakery. The Celiac Restaurant Guide recommends that you support Rumi’s Passion and any gluten free bakeries and restaurant when you find them.

Rumi’s Passion is a dedicated GLUTEN FREE/ WHEAT FREE bakery. They specialize in wedding cakes, birthday cakes and cupcakes. Fresh baked goods daily, breads (sandwich, multi-grain and cinnamon-raisin), cookies, muffins and much more.
They have made their quest to make delicious Gluten Free baked goods that you will crave not because they are Gluten Free but because they are DELICIOUS.

They have Gluten Free Bread and Dinner Rolls. They have All Natural Gluten Free Multigrain Bread with sunflower,flax,sesame seeds and certified gluten free oats. It is excellent as it is but even better toasted.

Rumi’s Passion 41120 5 Mile Rd., Plymouth MI 48170 Ph. 734-335-7145

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