Gluten-Free Diet – Fad Diet? or Diet to Survive!

Gluten-Free Diet – Fad Diet? or Diet to Survive!

Reports say there are people going on a gluten-free diet to detox or lose weight.  Seems like a huge amount of work and dedication for a “fad”.  Do these people realize that those with Celiac Disease must follow this diet for the rest of their lives, while they can take it or leave it?.  The gluten-free diet is a must for a Celiac’s well-being and good health.  Somehow it seems to minimize the importance of gluten-free foods to those who really need it.  Also this attitude could tend to downplay the seriousness of Celiac Disease and the need to be completely gluten-free and wheat-free.  Some non-Celiacs, who follow a gluten-free diet will claim they feel better. However, could it be they are just eating healthier as they have quit eating fast foods and processed foods, like burgers or pizza.  Possibly, just having more fruits and vegetables in their diet has improved their health.

Positive results of the “fad”, include improved quality and quantity of gluten-free foods available because there is more demand. This increased need has provided more choice and competition in the market. A win, win for Celiacs! Increased awareness has also helped restaurants to provide gluten free menus or gluten free options,thus allowing Celiacs to find places to eat at safely. To all Celiacs, let’s hear your pros and cons regarding the gluten-free fad diet.

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Find Gluten Free Restaurant Meals

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