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GNI Bakery stands for Gluten Not Included Bakery, which means that no products containing gluten are used in the bakery. The GNI Bakery is a gluten free bakery, there are not many gluten free bakeries in North America.  The Celiac Restaurant Guide encourages you to support gluten free bakeries.

Gluten Not Included – GNI Bakery Store

When Deanna Smith learned that her cousin’s four-year-old daughter Karlie had Celiac Disease, and that  she wouldn’t eat the gluten-free bread that she was getting, she wanted to  help. Even though Deanna had never baked a loaf of bread in her life she has marketing background and she started experimenting with gluten-free bread recipes.

Deanna never expected her baking efforts to become a business; she just wanted Karlie to be able to eat sandwiches like all the other kids. Karlie did love Deanna’s original gluten-free bread, and it was so good that her playmates started eating it, too.

Word-of-mouth started to spread about her great tasting gluten free bread.  Deanna started to bake an extra loaf or two and give it away. It didn’t take too long for her to realize that there was a demand for gluten free bread that tasted good, so the GNI Bakery was born.

GNI Bakery Store  2250 S. Escondido Blvd. #110, Escondido, CA
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Enter the address into the Gluten Free Restaurant Locator to find restaurants in the Escondido area.  Escondido has a good selection of  restaurants that serve gluten free food.



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This website was developed to help people with Celiac Disease find restaurants that serve gluten free meals. Two members of our family have Celiac Disease. Both of them manage quite well when they eat at home, but when they eat out it is more difficult.

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