Earth’s Oven Gluten Free Bakery

Gluten Free Bakery – Earth’s Oven

The Earth’s Oven is a gluten free bakery , they also serve a gluten free lunch.

Earth’s Oven baking is famous for what it is missing (gluten) as well as for what it contains, (real flavour and authentic fresh baked texture).
If asked, “Why do you specialize in gluten free products?”,  they say,
“Originally out of friendship and now because of the demand. Our owner and baker is close friends with a girl who can be a challenge to feed. She is not alone; many people are intolerant to traditional bakery products. Yeung originally designed two gluten free recipes, the Chewy Bar and the Lemon Coconut Muffin. We continue to carry these classic treats and now offer more than 20 gluten free products.”

Earth’s Oven Gluten Free Bakery
Bay 4, 417 – 53 Avenue S.E. Calgary AB .        Ph. (403) 686 -4810

Visit Earth’s Oven website

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