Gluten Free Bakery New Cascadia Traditional

New Cascadia Traditional is a gluten free bakery with a gluten free lunch menu. The Celiac Restaurant encourages you to support New Cascadia and all gluten free restaurants and gluten free bakeries.

New Cascadia Gluten Free Bakery

New Cascadia Traditiona is a dedicated Gluten Free bakery. They only produce gluten free baked goods. They verify and source the ingredients to ensure that they are always safe.

The staff at New Cascadia Traditiona is well informed in the issues of safety specific to gluten free food. In fact some of the staff are gluten intolerant and all are happy to answer your questions regarding their practices and ingredients.

Chris and Teresa at New Cascadia Traditional say,
“About a year ago a long time customer of ours asked me if I had tried a new gluten-free bread that was, at that time, new to the market. It was described as “whole grain” and really good. There had not yet been a gluten-free whole grain bread that was mass produced and broke free of the long held stereotype of being akin to a brick than to its wheat based cousin. So I sought out this bread at our local natural foods store. I read the front of the bread bag and there were the words “gluten free” and “whole grain.” Next I turned over the package and read the ingredients: Water, brown rice flour (not a bad start),tapioca starch, potato starch (things seemed to have quickly taken a turn in the less-than-whole-grain direction) then oil, sugar, then more refined starchiness. Somewhere down the line, I believe the eighth or ninth ingredient listed, was the other whole grain contained in the bread. After that were a number of ingredients that I had difficulty pronouncing. At this point it dawned on me just how different we do gluten-free at New Cascadia. Simple, honest, wholesome and always gluten-free.

This was about the same time that we introduced our Multigrain bread. What many consider to be our best bread, it is nearly 80% whole grain and without any refined ingredients or xanthan gum. Sure, we use starch and xanthan gum in many of our products. But we keep the refined stuff to a minimum. Even many of our pastries are mostly wholegrain and made with a short, understandable ingredients list. We take a simple, straight forward approach to baking: Comfort food for the gluten-free crowd that yearns for grandma’s old fashioned recipes of (pre gluten-free) days gone by.

We believe that our customers deserve the best, freshest baked goods available and we strive to make eating gluten-free an enjoyable experience. We use quality ingredients and even use vegetables, herbs and berries grown in the warmer months from our own organic garden beside the bakery. If you are ever in Southeast Portland, Oregon stop by for a cookie, pastry, pizza or loaf of bread. If you would like a slice of pie or want to order a cake, we will be happy to oblige. We’re sure you will appreciate the difference.”

New Cascadia Traditional, 1700 SE 6th Avenue, Portland, OR
Visit the New Cascadia Traditional website –

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