Regulations for food labeling in Canada

Health Canada Regulations – Food Allergens

New regulations regarding the labeling of food allergens for Canadians came into force August 4, 2012.  The Health Canada report states that “approximately five to six per cent of young children and three to four per cent of adults suffer from food allergies. Nearly one per cent of the population is affected by celiac disease, for whom the consumption of foods containing gluten can lead to long term complications.

The new regulations will require better labeling of packaged foods to make it easier for people to understand what allergens are present in the food they purchase. Under the old rules labels often showed contents such as spices, or natural or artificial flavours.  These products could contain gluten or other allergens and the user had no way of knowing what the contents were.

The new regulations will require additional and better  labeling and require clearer language declaring “hidden” allergens, gluten sources.

Great new for Celiacs and others with food allergies.

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