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Save on Gluten-Free Food

Save on Gluten-Free Food

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Thousands of gluten-free and organic products to choose from, get your favorite brands. Order gluten-free / wheat-free foods to make your favorite baked delight. Find gluten-free food for school lunches. All kinds of gluten-free products for celiacs that will make living with Celiac Disease easier.

If a vegan or organic lifestyle is important to you, there is a huge selection of vegan and organic food, organic products like soaps, cleaners, personal and health products available.

I f you have a nut allergy, there are nut-free foods available, try some nut-free candy.

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Genetically Modified Food

Does eating genetically modified food affect humans? Will eating genetically modified foods cause us to develop health problems or to live shorter lives? Of course we will know more about the answers to these question after we eat these foods for a few decades.
Studies have indicated that genetically modified foods are responsible for a wide variety of health problems. In studies with rats, offspring were smaller, had higher mortality rates and had many other health problems. Animals grazing on genetically modified crops have died in greater numbers than those fed non modified crops.

Should we be concerned about this? It has been suggested that we humans, are the guinea pigs that will prove what risks are involved in eating genetically modified foods.

Get some facts! Read Your Health, Articles, Doctors Warn About Dangers of Genetically Modified Food

Ready to Go Gluten Free Snacks

Chocolate Sesame Bars

Chocolate Sesame Bars

Rich chocolate, chewy sesame and flax seeds with crisp brown rice and roasted peanuts.: GLUTEN FREE BARS

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