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California Restaurant Gluten Free Menus: V-Y

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  • Amici’s Gluten Free Menu – 1679 E. Monte Vista Ave, Ph: 707-451-7777
  • BJ’s Gluten Free Menu - 190 Nut Tree Parkway, P.707.359.2200
  • BJ’s Gluten Free Menu - 24320 Town Center Dr., P.661.288.1299
  • Claim Jumper Restaurants Gluten Free Menu -    25740 The Old Rd, P.661-254-2628
  • Mountain Mike’s Pizza More…
  • Salt Creek Grille Gluten Free Menu - 24415 Town Center Drive #115, P.(661) 222 9999
Vallejo Mountain Mike’s Pizza More…
Ventura Red Brick Pizza – Gluten Free Pizza -   4990 Telephone Rd., P.805658-2828
Victorville Carino’s Italian Restaurant Gluten Free Menu  11920 Amargosa Rd., P.760 949-8700
Visalia     Mountain Mike’s Pizza More…
Vista Islands Restaurants Gluten Free - – 240 South Melrose Dr, P.(760) 631-1535
Walnut Creek Extreme Pizza More…  
Walnut Creek
Waterford Mountain Mike’s Pizza More…
Watsonville Mountain Mike’s Pizza More…
West Hollywood Hugo’s Restaurant Gluten Free Menu - – 8401 Santa Monica Blvd, P.323-654-3993
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West Covina BJ’s Gluten Free Menu - 2917 Eastland Center Drive, P.626.858.0054
West Covina Islands Restaurants Gluten Free - – 139 N. Barranca St., P.(626) 331-6223
West Hollywood Veggie Grill Gluten Free Options  - 8000 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, P:323.822.7575
West Los Angeles Maria’s Italian Kitchen Gluten Free Menu - 10761 Pico Boulevard,  P.310-441-3663
West Sacramento    Mountain Mike’s Pizza More…
Westlake Village BJ’s Gluten Free Menu - 3955 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., P.805.497.9393
Westwood BJ’s Gluten Free Menu - 939 Broxton Avenue, P.310.209.7475
Whittier Ruby’s Diner Gluten Free Menu - 10109 Whittwood Drive, P.562.947.7829
Woodland Hills BJ’s Gluten Free Menu - 6424 Canoga Ave., P.818.340.1748
Woodland Hills Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Gluten Free Menu -   6373 Topanga Canyon Boulevard., P:818-346-1005
Woodland Hills Maria’s Italian Kitchen Gluten Free Menu - 23331 Mulholland Dr.,  P.818-225-0586
Woodland Steve’s Pizza – Gluten Free Menu - -714 Main St, P.530-666-2100
Woodland Hills Islands Restaurants Gluten Free - – 23397 Mulholland Dr, P.(818) 225-9839
Woodland Hills Roy’s  Gluten Free Menu -  6363 Topanga Canyon Blvd., 818.888-4801
Woodland Hills Ruby’s Diner Gluten Free Menu - 6100 Topanga Canyon, P.818.340.7829
Yorba Linda Ruby’s Diner Gluten Free Menu - 21450 Yorba Linda Blvd., P.714.779.7829
Yountville Hurley’s Restaurant Gluten Free Menu - 6518 Washington Street, P.707-944-2345
Yuba City

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