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HamiltonCafé Limoncello Italian Eatery Gluten Free Pasta and Pizza 226 Ottawa Street North P.905-549-3556
HamiltonMilestones Grill & Bar Gluten Free Menu  787 Paramount Drive, P.905-573-7317
HamiltonMy-Thai Restaurant Gluten Free Menu  21 John Street N., P.905.526.8373   
HamiltonPizza Nova Gluten-free Menu & Locations  P.310.3300
HuntsvillePizza Nova Gluten-free Men& Locations
KanataJack Astor’s Gluten-free Menu – 125 Roland Michener Dr, P.613.271.1041
KanataLone Star Texas Grill  More…
KapuskasingCasey’s Grill Bar Gluten Free Menu  106 Government Rd West, P.705-337-1500
KingstonLone Star Texas Grill  More…
KingstonMilestones Grill & Bar Gluten Free Menu  27 Princess Street, P.613-544-8338
KingstonThe Silly Yak MORE…  1365 Midland Ave. Unit 130, P.613-583-2014
KitchenerCasey’s Grill Bar Gluten Free Menu & Locations
KitchenerJack Astor’s Gluten-free Menu – 509 Wilson Ave,
KitchenerPizza Nova Gluten-free Menu 1400 OTTAWA ST. S.,  P.310.3300
Leamington Shoeless Joe’s  Gluten Free Pizza 24 Seacliff Drive East, P.519-326-3061
LINDSAYPizza Nova Gluten-free Menu 321 KENT ST W,,  P.310.3300
ListowelPizza Delight Gluten Free Menu 957 Wallace Ave. N., P.519-291-9191
LondonJack Astor’s Gluten-free Menu & Locations
LondonFresh Healthy Cafe Gluten Free Wraps  142 Fullarton Street, P.519-204-734
LondonMilestones Grill & Bar Gluten Free Menu
3169 Wonderland Rd., P.519-649-7997
1680 Richmond Street N., P.519-850-5116
LondonShoeless Joe’s  Gluten Free Pizza 805 Wonderland Road South, P.519-474-9505
LondonLone Star Texas Grill  More…
LondonVeg Out Gluten Free Menu  646 Richmond St., P.519.850.8688
LondonWok Box Gluten Free Info.  1735 Richmond St, P.519.667.7779 Unit 2 – 3099 Wonderland Road S., P.519.685.9555
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