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Ontario Gluten Free Dining Guide

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ThornhillPizza Nova Gluten-free Menu  P.416.439.0000
ThornhillThe Pickle Barrel Gluten Free Menu Promenade Mall, 1 Promenade Circle, P.905.764.3444
ThornhillStonefire Bar & Grill Gluten Free Menu 8700 Bathurst St., Unit 10, P.905-709-3473
Thunder BayMongo’s Grill Gluten Free Menu 1075 Memorial Ave., P:807 623-8777
TorontoCasey’s Grill Bar Gluten Free Menu & Locations
TorontoCamros Organic Eatery Gluten Free Menu 25 Hayden Street  P.416-960-0723
TorontoDRUXY’S Gluten Free Bread 
TorontoFresh Restaurants  Gluten Free Menu & Locations
TorontoGabby’s Gluten Free Menu 3026 Dundas St W, P:416-766-3026
TorontoGlow Fresh Grill And Wine Bar  Gluten Free Menu  7 Marie Labatte Road, Unit #E1 P.416-384-1133
TorontoHero Certified Burgers Gluten Free Menu & Locations
TorontoJack Astor’s Gluten-free Menu & Location
TorontoKarines Most dishes Gluten Free Village by the Grange, 109 McCaul St., Unit 32, P.416-591-0863
TorontoLive Organic Food Bar Gluten Free Menu 264 Dupont St., P.416-515-2002
TorontoLone Star Texas Grill  More…
TorontoMagic Oven Pizza & pasta can be gluten-free
TorontoMilestones Grill & Bar Gluten Free Menu & Locations
TorontoMonarch Tavern Gluten Free Menu 12 Clinton St., P.416-531-5833
TorontoOrganic Oven & Bakery Totally Gluten Free 3189 Yonge Street, P.416-489-7777
TorontoPizzaiolo Gourmet Pizza Gluten Free Pizza
TorontoPizza Nova Gluten-free Menu & Locations P.416.439.000
TorontoRelish Bar & Grill Gluten Free Menu 2152 Danforth Ave, P:416.425.4664
TorontoRiz Gluten Free Menu 1677 Bayview Ave. P.461.487.8388
TorontoShoeless Joe’s  Gluten Free Pizza
TorontoSouthern Accent Gluten free menu 595 Markham Street  P.416-536-3211
TorontoThe Kensington Cornerstone Restaurant Entire Menu is Gluten Free   More…   2A Kensington Avenue, P.647-343-1597
TorontoThe Old Spaghetti Factory Gluten Free Menu #54 The Esplanade,  P. (416) 864-9761
TorontoThe Pickle Barrel Gluten Free Menu & Location
TorontoUrban Herbivore Gluten Free Menu, 64 Oxford St. P.416.927.1231
TorontoVilla Restaurant Gluten Free Menu 2277 Bloor St. West, P.416-761-9222

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