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Lcn OregonFind Gluten Free Restaurant Menus in Oregon from the comfort of you own home.  Just scroll down to your city, choose a restaurant and click on Gluten Free Menu to see the Gluten Free dining choices available to you.
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AlbanyCarino’s Italian Restaurant Gluten Free Menu – 1825 14th Ave SE, P.541 704-1100
AlbanyFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  2528 Santiam Hwy, P.541-924-9303
AstoriaFultano’s  Gluten Free Pizza 620 Olney, P.503-325-2855
AumsvilleFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  610 Main Street, P.503-749-2096
  • Carino’s Italian Restaurant Gluten Free Menu -63455 North Highway 97, P.541 318-6300
  • Deschutes Brewery & Pub Gluten Free Menu
    1044 NW Bond Street, P.541-382-9242
    901 SW Simpson Ave, P.541-385-8606
  • Pastini Pastaria Gluten Free Menu 375 SW Powerhouse Dr, P.541-749-1060
BurnsFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  63 N. Buena Vista,P.541-573-5500
ClatskanieFultano’s  Gluten Free Pizza Crust 770 E. Hwy 30, P.503-728-2922
CoquilleFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  29 West First St, P.541-396-5277
Cottage GroveFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  1205 Pacific Hwy.P.541-942-8575
CreswellFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza 167 E. Oregon Ave, P.541-895-5205
DallasFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  244 N. Main, P.503-623-8889
Eagle Point
EstacadaFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  411 S. Broadway, P.503-630-4400
  • Figaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  4768 Royal Ave. W., P.541-393-1010
  • BJ’s Gluten Free Menu 1600 Coburg Rd, P.541.342.6114
  • Go Healthy Cafe Gluten Free Menu 3802 West 11th., P.683.3164
  • Lok Yaun Restaurant Gluten Free Menu 2360 West 11th Ave, P.541-345-7448
  • Papa’s Pizza Parlor Gluten Free Menu
    1700 W 11th Ave, P:541-485-5555
    1577 Coburg Rd, P:541-485-5555
  • Tasty Thai Gluten Free Menu 80 E. 29th Ave., P.541-302-6444
Gold HillFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  175 2nd Avenue, P.541-855-7770
Grants PassFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  550 Redwood Hwy, P.541-474-9713
GreshamPapa’s Pizza Parlor Gluten Free Menu 16321 SE Stark St, P:503-251-5555
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Hood River
IndependenceFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  1321 Monmouth St, P.503-838-6459
John DayFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  825 N. Canyon Blvd, P.541-575-5500
Klamath FallsWinger’s Gluten Free Menu 3430 Washburn Way,P.541.273.9464
Lake Oswego
La PineFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza 51538 Hwy. 97, Ste-3, P. 541-536-8332
LebanonFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  2770 S. Santiam Hwy., P.541-451-1141
Lincoln CityFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  4095-B Logan Road NW, P.541-994-4443
MadrasFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  37 SW H Street, P.541-475-1044
McMinnvilleFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  1049 N. Hwy. 99W, P.503-472-1335
MedfordMountain Mike’s Pizza More…
MolallaFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  119 Robbins Ave. P.503-829-4900
Myrtle CreekFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  853 S. Main, P.541-863-4245
OakridgeFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  48005 Hwy 58, P.541-782-4559
PhilomathFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  1411 Main Street, #D-69, P. 541-929-5082
OntarioWinger’s Gluten Free Menu 1255 SE 1st Ave., P.541.881.0062
  • Andina  Gluten Free Menu 1314 NW Glisan St, P.503.228.9535
  • BJ’s Gluten Free Menu 12105 N. Center, P.503.289.5566
  • Blossoming Lotus Gluten Free Menu 1713 NE 15th Ave, P.503.228.0048
  • Chart House Gluten Free Menu 5700 SW Terwilliger, P:503.246.6963
  • Corbett Fish House Gluten Free Menu 5901 SW Corbett Ave., P.503.246.4434
  • Deschutes Brewery & Pub Gluten Free Menu 210 NW 11th Ave., P.503-296-4906
  • Hawthorne Fish House Gluten Free Menu  4343 SE Hawthorne Blvd, P:503.548.4434
  • Mississippi Pizza Pub Gluten Free Menu 3552 N. Mississippi Ave, P.503-288-3231
  • ¡Oba! Gluten Free Menu  555 NW 12th Ave.  503.228.6161
  • Pastini Pastaria Gluten Free Menu
    1506 NW 23rd Ave, P.(503) 595-1205
    911 SW Taylor St., P.(503) 863-5188‎
    1426 NE Broadway, P.(503) 288-4300
    2027 SE Division St, P.(503) 595-6400
  • Pizza Schmizza Gluten Free Crust 9495 SE 82nd Ave, P:503.777.2200
  • Pizzicato Pizza Gluten Free Pizza
    2811 E Burnside P.503-236-6045
    4217 NE Fremont P.503-493-2808
    505 NW 23rd Avenue, P.503-242-0023
    14740 NW Cornell Road, P.503.531.8989
    2025 NW Miller Rd. P..503-736-0174
    2045 SE Division St., P.503 764 9786
    6042 SE Division St., .503.546.1686
    1708 SW 6th Ave. P.503-227-5800
    705 SW Alder Street, P.503.226.1007
    6358 SW Capitol Hwy., P.503-452-7166
    1749 SW Skyline Blvd, P.503-221-8784
  • New Cascadia Traditional Dedicated Gluten Free Menu 1700 SE 6th Avenue, P.503-546-4901
  • Rudy’s Gourmet Pizza Gluten Free Pizza  4716 SE Powell Blvd, P.503.771.8008
  • Savor Soup House Gluten free Menu 1003 Southwest Alder Street, P.503.548.7652
  • Schmizza Pub & Grub Gluten Free Pizza Crust
    628 NE Broadway St, P:503.517.9981
    415 SW Montgomery St, P:503.473.8119
  • Seasons & Regions Seafood Grill Gluten Free Menu 6660 SW Capitol Highway, P.503.244.6400
  • Seres Restaurant and Bar Gluten Free Menu 1105 NW Lovejoy St, P.971-222-0100
  • The Brooklyn House Restaurant Gluten Free Menu 3131 SE 12th & Powell, P.503-236-6761
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory Gluten Free Menu  0715 S.W. Bancroft St., 97239 P. (503) 222.5375
  • Thirst Wine Bar & Bistro Most of the menu is Gluten Free 0315 SW Montgomery Street P.503.295.2747
  • Three Square Grill Gluten Free Menu 6320 SW Capitol Hwy, P.503.244.4467
  • Veggie Grill Gluten Free Options  508 SW Taylor Street, P:503.841.6647
  • Garlic Jim’s Gluten Free Menu 4555 Liberty Road South, P.503.779.2722  
  • Figaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza
    5399 Commercial Street SE, P.503-588-9977
    2050 Lancaster Drive NE, P.503-399-9089
    340 Lancaster Dr NE, P.503-581-6074
    4688 Portland Rd NE, P.503-390-0234
    1216 Wallace Road NW, P.503-399-8784
  • Marco Polo Global Restaurant Gluten Free Menu 300 Liberty St. SE  Tel 503.364.4833
  • Pietro’s Pizza Gluten Free Pizza Crust  1637 Hawthorne NE, P:503-364-0128
SandyFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  37409 Hwy. 26, P.503-668-9798
  • Figaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  52129 Columbia River Hwy., P.503-543-6780
  • Fultano’s  Gluten Free Pizza 51511 SE 2nd St.,P.503-543-5100
SeasideFultano’s  Gluten Free Pizza Crust 215 Broadway, P.503-738-5612
SheridanFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza 148 S. Bridge Street, P.503-843-4700
SilvertonFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  402 McClaine, P.503-873-8007
StaytonFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza 1760 Shaff Road, P.503-769-7501
Sweet HomeFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  1323 Main Street, P.541-367-5353
TalentFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza  105 Valley View Road, P.541-535-7949
TigardPastini Pastaria Gluten Free Menu 7307 SW Bridgeport Rd, Suite B-105, P.503-718-2300
TualatinClaim Jumper Restaurants Gluten Free Menu  18000 SW Lower Boones Ferry Road, P.(503)670-1975
VenetaFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza 88340 Territorial Road, P.541-935-2110
WilsonvillePizza Schmizza Gluten Free Crust 8695 SW Jack Burns Blvd, Suite #J, P:503.582.8210
WinstonFigaro’s Pizza  Gluten Free Pizza 160 NW Main, P.541-784-3414
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