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Quebec Gluten Free Dining Guide

Find Gluten Free Restaurant Menus in Quebec from the comfort of you own home.  Just scroll down to your city, choose a restaurant and click on Gluten Free Menu to see the Gluten Free dining choices available to you.

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BoisbriandJack Astor’s – Gluten Free Information – 3395 Av Des Grandes Tourelles, P.450.419.9785
DorvalJack Astor’s – Gluten Free Information – 3051 boul. des Sources, P.514.685.5225
Greenfield ParkJack Astor’s Gluten Free Info – 3500 boul. Taschereau, P.450.671.4444
LavalJack Astor’s Gluten Free Info  1820 Pierre-Peladeau Ave, P:450.681.6683
LavalOttavio Gluten Free Menu  1459 St. Martin O., P.450- 663-7966
MontrealAUX VIVRES Gluten Free Options  4631 St Laurent Blvd, P:514.842.3479
MontrealFresh Healthy Cafe Gluten Free Wraps 4433 Saint-Denis St., P.514-844-2770
MontrealPizza Villa  Gluten Free Menu 6672 Papineau Ave., P.514.721.4711
MontrealZero8 – 100% GF Menu  1735 Saint-Denis,P.514.658.5552
QuebecPizza Delight Gluten Free Menu 1066 Docteur  P.418-461-2999
St-LaurentOttavio Gluten Free Menu  1134 Marcel-Laurin, P.514-335-7966
St-LéonardOttavio Gluten Free Menu  6880 Jean-Talon E.,P.514.257.7966
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