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Mr. Mikes has great selection of Gluten Friendly Options

Mr. Mikes SteakhouseCasual is about feeling like you belong, where everyone feels comfortable in his or her own way. It’s humble and modest and it’s your place – a place where you don’t have to be something you’re not, you can just be yourself. It means tasty and affordable food from their signature steak and Mikeburgers to their home-branded wines and beers. It’s about creating memories, laughs and the charm of warm service.
At MR MIKES, they don’t presume to be average or ordinary.  They celebrate our uniqueness.

SK Gluten Free Mr. Mikes Location

Yorkton, 275 Broadway St East, phone 306.783.6453
Mr Mikes Steakhouse Casual has a gluten friendly menu that is displayed on their websiteSeeing Mr Mikes gluten friendly menu on the web before you go to the restaurant makes choosing the right restaurant so mush easier.