Changing Attitudes

In many countries rice is the staple food.  People from those countries would not like to eat the diets from other countries.  In North America, the only reason we like to eat the foods we eat, is because we are used to them.  It doesn’t mean that the foods others eat are not tasty or good, it only means that we like to eat what we are used too.

Changing what we like to eat is the first step to eating gluten free.  If we are born into a family that doesn’t eat meat, the smell of cooking meat is enough to turn us off.  Seeing blood on the plate the steak is marinating in, is revolting.

For most of us growing up in North America, bread and wheat products were a staple food.  Because we eat it all the time, we think it is good, but it is no better than the foods that other cultures eat, it is only different. In order to become gluten free we need to change the way we think about grain products.

So how do we change our attitudes so that we don’t long for those products made with wheat?   When we see a loaf of bread we need to look at it in the same way a vegetarian looks at a piece of meat. We need to see that bread or bun and feel revolted.  How could someone eat that, it’s poisonous, after all it will make us sick.  As long as we lust after wheat products, we will be constantly disappointed that we can’t eat them.

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