Great Smoky Mountains,TN

Great Smoky Mountains National Park ,TN

Limited food and supplies are available in the Park.  There is a small campground store at Cades Cove, it offers seasonal limited grocery, it’s located next to the campground at the entrance of Cades Cove.  Campgrounds are available  in the Park.  There are no gluten free restaurant meals available in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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If you enter Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the locator address box and choose “25 mile distance”, you will see Gatlinburg at the North entrance to the park. Gatlinburg has a few restaurants that serve gluten free meals, also there is more selection a few miles north.  Zoom in to Gatlinburg or the area along the Parkway to get more detail, then click on the flags for the locations you want more information on.

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