Are Most Celiacs Middle Aged Women?

Here’s an interesting article about who has celiac disease.

I once read in a forum by a brave restaurateur that he was puzzled why most people who asked for gluten free food were middle aged females. He suggested that maybe it was just a trend factor – eating to impress.

My thoughts on this view is that:

•             many doctors don’t test for celiac disease or fully believe in its severity.

•             Women are more persistent at resolving their health issues, so more women may be diagnosed with celiac disease than men.

•             Women may be more inclined to admit that they want gluten free food when eating out.

•             Men may eat at restaurants where they know they can get gluten free food, or if not they may eat foods that are unlikely to have gluten in them, like steak and salad with no dressing.

•             Celiac Disease still remains very poorly diagnosed (80% undiagnosed in Australia and 95% in America), so the disease seems much rare than it actually is.

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