Enhanced Labelling for Food Allergen and Gluten Sources

Enhanced Labeling for Food Allergen and Gluten Sources

On February 16th, 2011 Health Canada will Publish Amendments to the Food Allergen Labeling

These regulatory amendments will require that the source of a food allergen or gluten be shown on the label of most prepackaged products when the food allergen or gluten is present in the prepackaged product. The food allergen or gluten source will be required to be shown on the product label in consistent and easy to understand terminology. For example, if casein is present in a prepackaged product, the word “milk” will be shown on the product label. The source of the food allergen or gluten will be shown either in the list of ingredients or in a “Contains” statement.

The list of food allergens included in the scope of these regulatory amendments (priority allergens) are based on those identified in 1999 by a committee consisting of representatives of Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), and practicing pediatric allergists and updated using the criteria recently developed and adopted by Health Canada.

These amendments will not apply to food allergens or gluten that may be present in the prepackaged product as a result of cross-contamination. The cross-contamination of prepackaged foods with food allergens or gluten are unique issues which are beyond the scope of this regulatory initiative.

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