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Sinfully Gluten Free  is a gluten free restaurant and a gluten free bakery.  There are not many gluten free restaurants or gluten free bakeries in North America.  The Celiac Restaurant Guide hopes everyone supports Sinfully Gluten Free an other gluten free restaurants and bakeries when you find them.

Sinfully Gluten Free

A Gluten Free Restaurant/Bakery

On the website Heather says,
“Gluten-Free (GF) is a term becoming all too familiar with more people every day. Our family was introduced to this term about five years ago and since, we have tried to find acceptable alternatives to every day and special occasion fair. As anyone who has changed his or her diet to a GF diet knows, this is not an easy task.
After trying many disappointing premade baked goods and mixes, we felt there had to be something better. There has to be a way to make GF alternatives taste like they just came from a bakery.
If you have been looking for a Gluten-Free confection that tastes just like you bought it fresh from a wheat flour based bakery, your search is over.  Our goal is to offer baked treats that make you forget you are eating a gluten free diet.  We have had many people who are not on a gluten free diet take a hesitant first bite, only to quickly come back for a second and ask, “What is gluten-free? I don’t taste a difference.” Every one of our items are baked to order, hand crafted creations. Our facility is gluten free and we ONLY make gluten free goodies. ”

Sinfully Gluten Free 9146 Dayton-Lebanon Pike, Centerville, OH P.937-433-1044
Visit the Sinfully Gluten Free Website

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