100% Gluten Free Restaurant – Sinfully Gluten Free


A 100% gluten free restaurant means the restaurant has a kitchen that is dedicated to preparing only gluten free food.No products containing gluten are used in the kitchen. There should be no risk of cross contamination in these restaurants.The Celiac Restaurant Guide recommends and encourages the development of 100% gluten free restaurants.

Sinfully Gluten Free – 100% Gluten Free Restaurant

If you have been looking for a Gluten-Free confection that tastes just like you bought it fresh from a wheat flour based bakery, your search is over. Our goal is to offer baked treats that make you forget you are eating a gluten free diet. We have had many people who are not on a gluten free diet take a hesitant first bite, only to quickly come back for a second and ask, “What is gluten-free? I don’t taste a difference.” Every one of our items are baked to order, hand crafted creations. Our facility is gluten free and we ONLY make gluten free goodies. We take every precaution we can to ensure all of our baked goods are gluten-free. Our facility does produce products with peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, egg and soy. We are unable to guarantee that our products are free of any food allergen other than gluten.

Sinfully Gluten Free 79 South Main Street, Miamisburg, OH

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The Miamisburg area has a great selection of restaurants that serve gluten free food.The Celiac Restaurant Guide is your resource for finding restaurants that serve gluten free food. Add this link to your favorites. Celiac Restaurant Guide

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