Haven On Earth Bread & Bakery Co.

A Dedicated gluten free restaurant/bakery means the restaurant/bakery has a kitchen that is dedicated to preparing only gluten free food. No products containing gluten are used there. There should be very little risk of cross contamination in these restaurants / bakeries. The Haven on Earth Bread & Bakery Co. is a dedicated gluten free bakery and a gluten free restaurant. There are not many gluten free bakeries or gluten free restaurants in North America. The Celiac Restaurant Guide recommends and encourages you to support gluten free restaurants and gluten free bakeries whererever you find them. If Celiacs support these guten free restaurants and bakeries more will open, and the ones that are here will continue to profit and operate in your community.

The Story

Haven on Earth Bread & Bakery Co.

A dedicated gluten free bakery

Everyone has a favorite Bakery, you know one where just thinking about it makes your mouth water? You know that “to die for moment” when it’s just you and the donut against all the stresses of the day. It is comfort and just plain good food. Mine is where we go camping. It’s the first place we stop and the last place for just one more yummy treat before we go home. The best cookies, the yummiest donuts, special loaves of bread and those Eclairs in the cold case just before you pay, I know I have your mouth watering now. But why do I feel so yucky and bloated after I eat those harmless treats? Is it worth it? Of course it is until you hear the words “Celiac Disease” or Gluten intolerant. Now you realize that “Gluten” could actually begin killing you one bite at a time. Oh

! maybe just when I’m on vacation and then that familiar pain in your stomach is a rapid reminder that looking and smelling is all I will be doing in that luscious bakery.

After 20 years of doing without I walked into a “Gluten Free” bakery in Corvalis, Oregon and thought I was on vacation. I could eat anything in the store and be safe. It was a Haven for me. I felt like I was cheating or dreaming but that day I discovered a product that looked, felt and tasted like a “to die for moment”. I didn’t want to stop there , I wanted this for all my friends and people who I hadn’t even met yet who had the same limitations as me.

I had experienced over the years dry “emergency” bread (just in case I had to take a sandwich somewhere). I had even tried toasting it to make it a little more palatable but it wasn’t worth it. I had forgotten what good bread tasted like. That day in Oregon changed my mind about what “Gluten Free” could be like.

We are now opening a bakery here in Reno, Nevada with the help of the proven recipes of the Oregon store and now every day we can provide a fresh, good tasting and great textured bread as well as pastries, cookies, cakes and…for the rest of the list you’ll have to come in to our “Dedicated Gluten Free” facility for a look see and a free taste test.
Haven On Earth Bread & Bakery Co., 10855 Double R Blvd. Reno, NV, ph. 775.284.4200

Haven on Earth Bread & Bakery Co. – http://www.havenonearthbakery.com/

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