Sweet 27 Gluten Free Bakery & Cafe

Sweet 27 is a gluten free bakery & cafe, there are not many gluten free bakeries or gluten free cafes in North America.  The Celiac Restaurant Guide encourages you to support Sweet 27 and all gluten free facilities when you find them.

Gluten Free Bakery & Cafe – Sweet 27

The all-gluten free menu features authentic Multi-cultural cuisine coupled with decadent pastry deserts. After being diagnosed with celiac, pastry chef Rene D’souza dedicated her career to creating a superior gluten free product that appeals to ALL palates. At Sweet 27, we always serve our customers quality dishes no matter their dietary restrictions without ever compromising taste. Our Specials are always popping with exotic flavors and zesty spices! We know that our flavorful food will make an impression on you regardless of whether you have a gluten intolerance or not! Come on down to Sweet 27 and let us show you how fantastic gluten-free can be!

Sweet 27 gluten-free cafe and bakery
123 West 27th Street, Baltimore, MD
Phone 410 464 7211

Visit Sweet 27’s website

Enter the address into the Gluten Free Restaurant Locator to find this or other restaurants in Baltimore.  Baltimore has a great selection of  restaurants that serve gluten free food.

About Harold & Dona

This website was developed to help people with Celiac Disease find restaurants that serve gluten free meals. Two members of our family have Celiac Disease. Both of them manage quite well when they eat at home, but when they eat out it is more difficult.

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