It was supposed to be a romantic evening dinner…

It was supposed to be a romantic evening dinner…
It all began with an aperitif by candle light, intense eye contact, a woman and an attractive man. The sole interruption was the waiter, who wanted to take the order. It took but a moment for the gentleman to make his choice. And then, suddenly, the moment that changed everything. There it was again, the famous scene from Harry and Sally.
She said: “I would like the salad with turkey breast, but please don’t bread the turkey breast before frying it – I cannot tolerate grains. And please no cream or yoghurt for the salad dressing, ideally on a separate plate, and the salad without tomatoes, please. Then I would like the steak with spinach and fried potatoes, without the onion rings, please, as they might contain grains. And would you be so kind as to ask the kitchen staff if the spinach is cream spinach or if it is simply steamed? I cannot tolerate cream. Oh, and by the way, in case the steak is served with sauce, please ask for a sauce without cream or flour, ideally on an extra plate. Thanks a lot!”
The attractive man no longer looked deep into her eyes, but seemed to ask himself instead: is she of the touchy or of the complicated sort, or simply nuts?
She knew this kind of look only too well and thus replied: “Nothing like that. I am simply sensitive to gluten and lactose and am allergic to tomatoes.”
The remainder of the evening turned out to be completely different from what could be expected. This night was, however, the birth of the DELICARDO Foodcard. And it was nine months later that it was printed for the very first time.

Thank you L.!

Delicardo Food Card Avoid inconvenient explanations and requests while eating out with food allergies or intolerances, diabetes, or while on a diet. Simply hand a card to the waiter. You don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of informing the waiter, the chef, the table and the rest of the restaurant about your various food allergies, intolerances and other special dietary needs.


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