100% Gluten Free Restaurant/Bakery – Zest Bakery

Zest Bakery is a gluten free bakery and a gluten free restaurant. There are only very few gluten free restaurants and gluten free bakeries please support Zest bakery if it is near you.

Zest Bakery Gluten Free Restaurant

Zest Bakery Gluten Free Bakery

Their aim is to provide affordable alternatives to the breads and desserts for the people have to live without, because of their allergies.

Zest Bakery is a passionate and zesty bakery that strives to provide delicious, gluten-free foods in the Bay Area. None of their products use any grains that contain gluten. Their goodies are baked fresh every day so you get the freshest products possible.

Traditional bakery ingredients have refined, bleached flours that can damage your digestive system and stimulate cravings. Their products that don’t contain these flours but taste just as great. They provide a healthier alternative for those who are gluten intolerant or just want to be more mindful of their diets.

Their products are great for Celiacs, but still good for everyone else.

Zest Bakery 1224 Arroyo Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070 Phone: 650-241-9378

Visit Zest Bakery website – http://www.zestbakery.com/

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