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UxbridgeFrankie’s 100% Gluten Free Restaurant: 1 Main St. S. P.905-852-1011Bakery: 64 Brock St. W., P.905-852-1777
VaughanHero Certified Burgers Gluten Free Menu & Locations
VaughanJack Astor’s Gluten-free Menu – 10 Colossus Dr, P.905.264.3790
VaughanMilestones Grill & Bar Gluten Free Menu  3900 Highway 7, P.905-850-1580
VaughanThe Pickle Barrel Gluten Free Menu Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, 1 Bass Pro Mills Drive, P.905.669.2544   
WalkertonPizza Delight Gluten Free Menu 1200 Yonge Street, P.519-507-0707
WaterlooMilestones Grill & Bar Gluten Free Menu  410 The Boardwalk, P.519-579-4949
WaterlooMy-Thai Restaurant Gluten Free Menu  51 King Street North, P. 519.954.8424
WaterlooPizza Nova Gluten-free Menu 150 UNIVERSITY AVE W.,  P.310.3300
WestcShoeless Joe’s  Gluten Free Pizza  276 King St.,P.416-596-4203
WhitbyJack Astor’s Gluten-free Menu – 75 Consumers Dr, P.905.666.9429
WhitbyLone Star Texas Grill  More…
WhitbyMilestones Grill & Bar Gluten Free Menu 75 Consumers Drive, P.905-666-9070
WhitbyPizza Nova Gluten-free Menu & locations  P.310.3300
WhitbyShoeless Joe’s  Gluten Free Pizza  75 Consumers Drive, Bldg. B Unit 1, P.905 668-0082
WoodbridgePizza Nova Gluten-free Men& Locations  P.416.439.0000

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