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California Restaurant Gluten Free Menus:N-O

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Napa Pica Pica Maize Kitchen – 100% Gluten Free Menu -   Oxbow Public Market, 610 First Street, #5
Nevada City Miner Moe’s Pizza Gluten Free Pizza -   102 Argall Way, P.530.265.0284
  • BJ’s Gluten Free Menu - 5699 Mowry Ave., P.510.456.3750
  • Extreme Pizza Gluten Free Pizza - 5829 Jarvis Ave, P.510-742-9200
  • Mountain Mike’s More…
Newport Beach
  • BJ’s Gluten Free Menu - 106 Main Street, P.949.675.7560
  • Chart House Gluten Free Menu - 2801 Coast Highway, West, P:949.548.5889
  • Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Gluten Free Menu - 455 Newport Center Dr. in Fashion Island, P:949-720-9633
  • Islands Restaurants Gluten Free - – 1380 Bison Ave, P.949.219.0445
  • Roy’s  Gluten Free Menu -   453 Newport Center Drive, 949.640.7697
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory Gluten Free Menu -  2110 Newport Blvd., P. (949) 675.8654
  • True Food Kitchen Gluten-free Menu -   451 Newport Center Dr., P: 949.644.2400
  • Yard House – Gluten Sensitive Menu - 849 Newport Center Dr, P.949-640-9273
Newport Coast Ruby’s Diner Gluten Free Menu - 7703 E. Coast Hwy., P.949.464.0100
North Highlands    Mountain Mike’s More…
  • Claim Jumper Restaurants Gluten Free Menu -    9429 Tampa Ave, P.818.718.2882
  • Islands Restaurants Gluten Free - -11400 Porter Ranch Drive,P.818.368.2305
  • Maria’s Italian Kitchen Gluten Free Menu - 9161 Reseda Blvd.,  P.818-341-5114
Novato   Extreme Pizza More…
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Oakdale     Mountain Mike’s More…
  • Grease Box More…
  • Extreme Pizza More…
  • Jules Thin Crust Gluten Free Pizza - 5804 College Ave, P:510.597.1859
  • Mountain Mike’s More…
  • Pizza Rustica Gluten-free crust -  5422 College Avenue, P.510-654-1601
  • Red Brick Pizza – Gluten Free Pizza - 8460 D Edgewater Dr, P.510.568.9833
Oakley Mountain Mike’s More…
Oceanside Ruby’s Diner Gluten Free Menu - 1 Oceanside Pier, P.760.433.7829
Orange Islands Restaurants Gluten Free - – 550 North Tustin St, P.714.997.4085
Orange Ruby’s Diner Gluten Free Menu -  186 N. Atchison St., P.(714) 639-7829
Orangevale Mountain Mike’s More…
Oroville Mountain Mike’s More…
Oxnard BJ’s Gluten Free Menu - 461 W Esplanade Dr, P.805.485.1124

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